The Resilience Tools against Climate Change Attack

As several topics state about the urgencies of climate change, the needs to take action to save the world for the future become more valuable. The way to efficient the works against climate change should do to minimize the effort but gained the maximum point of impacts. Using the Eisenhower matrix, I tried to figure out and propose solutions to separate between what is the most important things and what is the most urgencies things to do in respect of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Do lately

This block explains what is the most expensive and difficult ways to mitigate the surge of greenhouse gas emissions.

Using Electric Vehicle (EV) and the EVs Power Homes

Internal combustion (IC) engines operating on fossil fuel oil provide about 25% of the world’s power (about 3000 out of 13,000 million tons of oil equivalent per year — see Figure 2), and in doing so, they produce about 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Figure 3). Reducing fuel consumption and emissions has been the goal of engine researchers and manufacturers for years, as can be seen in the two decades journal published across publishers. Indeed, major advances have been made, making today’s IC engine a technological marvel. However, recently, the reputation of IC engines has been dealt a severe blow by emission scandals that threaten the ability of this technology to make significant and further contributions to the reduction of transportation sector emissions. In response, there have been proposals to replace vehicle IC engines with electric-drives with the intended goals of further reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and decreasing vehicle GHG emissions.

Figure 1— World consumption for Combustion

The EV’s power homes concept will be massively important depending on the quantity use of EVs around the world. And the ability to generate independent energy will reduce the cost and time. The use of EV’s power homes increased, after the need for the additional batteries while using the vehicle in the daily activities or for some long travel. Despite some car dealers (such as Tesla) also providing EV Charging Stations, they have limitations provide stations in some territorial, and also the ability of the owners of EV cars to reach the station at the right time, and the right estimations on the battery limitation. Providing additional batteries with the ability to generate power inside/or in homes is a more valuable idea, and this was proposed also by some car producers. But in spite of that, the cost of procuring the EV’s power homes is too expensive. In following those facts, we need a brighter idea for producing more effective energy through solar panels and long-life battery lifecycle.

Figure 2— Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) contributed by several sectors

Paperless productivity/cloud-based activity for work (simulation, prototyping, and validation on the cloud)

The consumption of trees to produce a ton (1 ton) of paper for standard office paper, is estimated used 24 trees. According to data from the Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry. The use of paper in the industry is part of important things over decades. Used for several purposes starting from administration documents to executive consideration. Although, minimizing the use of paper in offices or any activities related, could decrease deforestation and linear with the change in global climatic patterns. With the surge of technological growth and the ideas of cloud systems, there are several option services to minimize the use of paper provided by the tech companies. Starting from Dropbox, G-Drive, even the most advanced technology in engineering firm, Autodesk BIM 360, etc.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash


This block focuses on connecting the most urgent things with the lowest importunity. Within the objective to create mutual or at least agreement within each other to accomplish it in the daily life.

Decrease the use of plastic

Photo by tanvi sharma on Unsplash

Every minute, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased around the world, and 500 billion single-use plastic bags are used annually. Contradiction with that, at least 243 species of birds, turtles, fishes, seals, and other marine animals have died by drowning or suffocation as a result of entanglement in plastic debris. Entanglement has been observed to cause health risks to marine lives, often ending in fatalities. Many campaigns to lower the use of plastic have been implemented, and are well known in our society. Some examples like the offer to use repeatable bags, using tumblers or plastic bottles, and preferring to use stainless/wooden straws. Another concept to beat the use of plastic is to keep the use of sustainable materials and roll out the 4R concepts (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace) to the public.

Throw the rubbish on the right place and in the right categories

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

The concept of separating rubbish was firstly introduced by The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The mind behind this concept is to make it easier and more efficient to segregate the rubbish in the disposal area: organic, inorganic waste, and hazardous waste. This kind of segregated rubbish is often familiar in Indonesia. Some (or maybe all) countries around the world, have tried to provide the bin with separate categories. Usually, it is separated into 3 (three) main categories as mentioned above. But there are several researchers who separate rubbish into 4 (four) categories, paper, glass, plastic, and metal. Some people are skeptical of these terms. Based on the data from BioMed Central Ltd, the study showed that 50.3% of the households segregate their waste, while 49.7% did not. In other hands, the government also usually has limitations to provide the bins fully integrated into those three or four segregated recycle bin categories. Correlate with those, the way of Japanese Government asks their society to be fully responsible for their own rubbish is part of good ideas. All of them who have the rubbish must bring it until they found a bin to trash it. Or, maybe the way of Singaporean government given a regulation to those who trash rubbish randomly, should pay the tax (fine money).

Start planting trees

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

Deforestation, from year to year increase tremendously. Based on data from Global Forest Watch, deforestation in Indonesia increased 18% per year since 2001, or equivalent to Indonesia losing over 28.6 Mha of tree cover, and Amazon hits into 22% per year for their deforestation. And the commitment of some big companies like Cargill, Nestle, Carrefour, and others pledged to reach net-zero deforestation in their supply chains by 2020. Trees are one of the most treasures things to protect on earth. The trees are the only one which has the high ability to produce clean O2 (oxygen), and has ability to desorbing CO2 (Carbon dioxide). In respect to that, if we take deep the reason behind the deforestation, most of them are caused by the need for land to develop infrastructure, the increased rate of population around the world, and the last, the need for agricultural expansion (included with wood extraction). However, to mitigate this problem, the simplest way is to start by using the concept of green areas in the development of urbanization (check the journal here for further explanation). Or as simple by start to plant. I have previously proposed the hashtag #startfromyourhome. Which is the main purpose is familiarity the concept of planting trees and the objective to protect our home (the earth), #startfromyourhome.


Spreading the knowledge

Photo by airfocus on Unsplash

At least 85 percent of the global population has experienced weather events made worse by climate change, according to research published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change. They concluded that global warming has affected 80 percent of the world’s land area. Without a real understanding of the urgency that we face, it feels like being stabbed from the back for the people who were already concerned on it. So, one of the responsibilities for those (and also you) should start to educate, or at least give an understanding to people around you about the problems we face this time and later on. All people should take responsibility for the climate change and start to shift into a new way of life as in the previous section explained. Spreading knowledge could be variates, ranging from talking with friends, or furthermore into communities. The use of technologies also could be used, such as social media to campaign the climate change (you may check one of the social campaign movements from the youth of Singapore and Indonesia regarding climate change here), or using zoom and start a webinar about climate change. We never knew, what the impact could be seen later, but at least, we never give up to try?

Shifting into the renewable energy in your day to day

Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

If we compare between fossil fuel energy with renewable energy, the data said that approximately 90% of gas emissions are contributed by fossil fuel, and not up to 60% contributed by renewable energy (clean energy) as shown in this figure below (figure 3 and 4). From this, renewable energy is more friendly to use for the next decade based on busy data showing the nightmare of the future due to climate change. Some engineer researchers over decades have proven innovative ways to produce most green and renewable energy. However, some economist researchers proved contradictive ways of the use of renewable energy. The cost of producing energy through green and renewable concepts is too high. One of the reasons is the technologies to produce this energy are too expensive at this time.

Figure 3 — Comparison of the use of fossil fuel and clean energy
Figure 4 — Typical production emissions intensity as defined in the European Renewable Energy

In spite of that, the role of the government to support renewable technology implementation become more important. An example of good government roles to take responsibility is how the Deutsch government subsidizes every house in their country that has already committed to installing the solar panel in their house. The German government provides subsidize scheme of 30 : 70 with the host. Some tropical countries such as Indonesia, Hawai, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, etc. should consider how Germany supports their society to shift into the use of renewable energy.

Preferable to use mass public transport

Photo by Daniel Abadia on Unsplash

One of the great concepts of the future is the idea of smart city and integrated mass public transportation. Based on the data, the EU burned at least 3.8 Gt CO2e into the air through the combustion engines used (2021). The concept of integrated mass public transportation has purpose to minimize the time travel spent by the users. Based on data from the BBC, if we could massively use public transportation in our daily activities, it could decrease the green housing and carbon emission up to 27% per year. In Jakarta — Indonesia, the government proposed the idea of Jak Lingko, which has the purpose of integrating all of the public transportation starting from traditional mode of transportation (called Angkot) into most modern public transportation like MRT/LRT.


Photo by THE 5TH on Unsplash

Be a habit (be efficient mindset)

One of the great quotes I found is if you want to change the world, change yourself first. If you want to conquer the world, start with cleaning your bed every morning.

Cleaning your bedroom every morning gives you a sense of winning your first task in that day, and makes you have a great desire to finish up another task each day. It looks so simples, but if you could regularly do it for at least 3 months, the result will be different. And, after 3 months, it will become a new habit for you.

Good habit has a high potential for our successful lifecycle. Correlate with that, if we take the scarlet silk within the climate change urgencies. The concept of being efficient mindset was the proper one of mindset to grow in ourself and in our daily activities. Be efficient means doing something as optimum as we can, with a lower effort. Be efficient in climate change examples like using electricity as we need. If we take the deep-in study, we could raise the percentage of the data that shows the benefit of using electricity with more efficiency correlate to affordability in electricity. Let time count, and through this efficient mindset, soon it will become a new habit in our life. And realize it or not, it is part of big contribution to facing the dreadfully of climate change.

Give an example

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Most people around the world, give their high attention based on the way they see people around them. Average people care more cares about seeing an example of it or seeing other people doing it. Within this fact, if we want to influence people to mitigate climate change, we should start by giving an example for them. Start from decrease the use of plastic, planting, putting the rubbish in the bin, or even shifting your home electricity into renewable energy and using EV cars.

Do it!

The objective goals gained success because of the mindset to start implementing them, rather than just study about it. An analogy like this, let’s say we want to become a successful person, but if we just study about becoming a successful person, then we just spare our time to study, study, and study. The results are still random.

Will the theory you have learned guide you as a successful person?

See, the end of the clause mark with the question tag.

If we want to remove it, start by answering it and proofing it. The way is starting to execute it. Similar to the purpose of creating the world as better place for us and our next generation. If we just do nothing, it will become nothing. So just go, do, execute.. all of them.


So, as the human race still spinning, I believed with the minds will occasionally be better than before. I am also optimistic, that all of us are not silent people who just sit back and wait for another one to do what should we do and just watch them. And despite what I have done to break down the urgent things to do regarding climate change, the decision back to ourselves. Be wise to choose the right things you do.

Lastly, better late than never. But never late each time is extremely excellent.




Stay inquisitive. — Discovering universe through reading, thinking, expertising engineering, and writing.

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Gama Syahid

Gama Syahid

Stay inquisitive. — Discovering universe through reading, thinking, expertising engineering, and writing.

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